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Getting Help

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Welcome to the Wasatch Exhibition's Registration Site!

Please have the following information on hand before beginning registration:

  • Competitor’s exact weight in pounds
  • Competitor’s belt rank
  • Competitor’s master instructor
  • Competitor’s martial arts studio name and phone #

Cost & Registration Deadline:

               Early Registration (Aug. 25 – Sept 30)        $45 for 1 Event, $10 per Additional Event*

               Registration (Oct 1 – Oct. 7)                 $55 for 1 Event, $10 per Additional Event*

*Due to the variety of events offered, the registration fee will appear on the closing invoice as $45 with $10 for each event selected (This equals $55 for your first event). If you register on or before September 30th, a $10 discount will be applied at checkout. 

Spectator Fees

(Please be prepared to pay at the door with CASH):

  • 10 & up:         $5                               
  •  9  & under:     Free    

Tournament Schedule

Saturday, October 13, 2018

  • 8:00am            Referee Meeting (Coaches welcome)
  • 8:30am            Doors Open, Competitor Check-In*
  • 9:00am            Welcome, Opening Ceremonies, & Competition

We will begin competition once Opening Ceremonies have ended. Events and divisions will be arranged in whatever order will allow the rings to run the most effectively. When an event/division is completed we will immediately move on to the next event/division regardless of competitor absences. We advise all competitors to arrive by 8:30 in order to receive their badges from their coaches before Opening Ceremonies so they don’t miss their event(s).

*Competitors will receive their badges from their coaches, NOT at check-in. Their badges will have their match #(s) and which ring(s) they will be performing in. 


  • Demonstration Teams
  • Sport Poomsae (International Poomsae, scored with iPoomsae)
  • Open Forms (Music Recommended)
  • Creative Weapons (Music Recommended)
  • Olympic Sparring
  • Breaking

*May not run in this order